You are one step closer to adjusting to your new normal, discovering peace & becoming your best self. Agape Therapeutic Wellness holds a safe space for individuals living with chronic illnesses as well as caregivers to freely express themselves without judgment. Chronic illnesses are incredibly difficult to cope with, for both parties. Chronic illnesses can disrupt your life in many ways, and open the door for depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and stress. Whether you have been diagnosed or caring for someone who has been diagnosed, you can still live a meaningful and fulfilling life.



Grief & Loss



Charday Graham, LCMHC, LCASA

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor


I am Charday Graham, owner of Agape Therapeutic Wellness. I am a true Charlottean, and I absolutely love it; Charlotte is home to me. My passion for working with caregivers and individuals living with chronic illnesses, began once my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and my dad and I became her caregivers.

How It Works


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We can discuss your needs and I can answer any questions, to ensure I am the right fit for you or your child.


Schedule an appointment

I will place you on my calendar for a set day and time that we will meet.


1st Session

We will discuss the challenges that have led up to this point and additional history that will allow me to see the full picture of contributing factors and current supports.

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